game pitch championship

Selected game developers are invited to pitch their game.

The first round will be a closed pitch session where you’ll present and be critiqued by our panel of judges followed by a mentoring session. You’ll receive expert feedback on how to get investors and publishers interested. In a second round, you’ll pitch again but this time in front of a live audience and for a $2,500 prize!

The finals will take place on the Main Stage on Saturday, Feb 22 at 2PM.


Selected games


Tiffany Otto

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Director of Partnership/Sponsorship

In the past Tiffany served as a Driver Specialist/Activations at Uber, did Administration/Dev Support in AAA for Rockstar Games, Marketing Intern as the indie studio Fire Hose Games, and currently serves on the IGDA Los Angeles board. Her education background includes Professional Development - Digital Marketing: Social Media and Online Strategies at Harvard University, Managing the Business of Entertainment at University of California, as well as Chinese History, Politics, and Business at Northwood University in China, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Concentration: Global Business Management at Babson College.


Richard Khoo

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Owner, Game Director

We are a family team of game developers on a mission to build games we love to play and innovate on gameplay and story-telling.

Magehunter, is a single player RPG for PC. You play a magic wielding detective investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding a family's disappearance. The game concept is inspired by SNES/PS1&2 era Final Fantasy's and Persona 3 to 5.

Jason Fader

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Iocaine Studios


Freelance producer/designer. Worked on Fallout: New Vegas, WoW, Warcraft 3, System Shock (2016), ThreadSpace: Hyperbol, and Steam Bandits.