indie playground

If you’re looking for something fresh and different to play, look no further than the indies. Every indie selected for our fest will show their game at a booth in our Expo and on the Indie Show & Tell Stage.

Expo Hours
Friday: 12PM-8PM · Saturday: 12PM-8PM · Sunday: 11AM-7PM


Indie Playground Map

Best Action

Provides tough physical challenges requiring hand-eye coordination and quick reaction time

Best Action Adventure

Combines the action and adventure experience, blending narrative with combat

Best Adventure

The player is immersed in an interactive story driven by exploration and problem-solving

Best Casual

Simpler gameplay, mobile titles, and/or puzzle titles that are fun in short intervals or more accessible to a spectrum of age groups

Best Digital CG

Emulates a physical collectible card game while providing enhanced tracking and mechanics through its digital release

Best Early Access

Titles that are unreleased or still seeking funding with strong community endorsement (not limited to early access platform)

Best Horror

Uses fear as a challenge and creates an overall sense of unease and physical discomfort

Best Humor

Takes a comedic approach to mechanics or dialogue that makes you laugh

Best Multiplayer

Provides an exciting co-op gameplay experience and can be couch, online, or both

Best RPG

The player is immersed in the role of a character in a narrative, able to upgrade, modify, or enhance their character over time

Best Simulation

Replicating real life activities for purposes such as training and fieldwork wherein the player is often given freedom to explore at will

Best Strategy

Provides an experience involving situational awareness and decision-making wherein learning and planning play a large role

Indie Playground Booth Map