From Rust

Best Digital CCG, Booth #I-507

Horrible patchwork abominations of scrap metal roam the world, looking for survivors to stomp out or metals to hoard. Gather your friends and your deck of cards, and get down to the surface to fight machines for glory, loot, and the good of humanity. From Rust is a cooperative digital collectible card game for 1-4 players. In each session, players explore a part of Earth inhabited by possessed machines and violent mercenaries looking to take advantage of the chaos. These areas are represented by decks, and have a mixture of loot to find, events to trigger, and monsters to fight.

Sessions are broken down into days; each day, players explore by flipping over cards from the deck, fight monsters, and craft tools to grow more powerful. At the end of an area, players fight a powerful boss; if they're successful, they're rewarded with Crowns to purchase additional cards to use in the next session.

By: Razbury Games

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