CLX stream studio

Watching streamers has put us closer to not only the triumphs, but the sometimes comical and other times heartwarming moments of our fellow players’ lives. We want you to enjoy those amazing seconds from the other side of the screen as they stream live in the middle of our expo.

The Stream Studio is sponsored by CLX, and powered by AMD.

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Stream Studio & Expo Hall Hours
Friday: 12PM-8PM · Saturday: 12PM-8PM · Sunday: 11AM-7PM


Come see these streamers who'll be present at our Stream Studio. You can click on their pictures to be directed to their channel. Exact schedules will be updated shortly.

Stream Studio Boot Camp Host

DreamHack is dedicated to fostering growth in the streaming community. Come join our host as he teaches you the ins and outs of streaming. Aspiring streamers will learn basic set up, tweaks for that pesky mic, why camera angles matter, overlays, and everything else there is to learn.


A man of many names, SavinTheBees snaps into DreamHack Anaheim as our Stream Studio Bootcamp Host!

Whether it's a meme shared by a friend, or gut busting tweet that sets the front page of reddit ablaze, chances are you've seen SavinTheBees content. But behind the seemingly infinite stream of memes and brutal clap backs, SavinTheBees brings sage like wisdom when it comes to not only organically building a large following, but more importantly, turning it into a distinctly powerful and loyal community.

Want to get a chance to learn first hand from the legend himself? Join us at DreamHack events throughout North America! Your guaranteed to get some great insights, along with a ton of laughs.

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