student game showcase

Incredibly, schools across the world have created degree programs entirely dedicated to video games. Studies range from game animation, to soundtrack composition, to level design, and so on. Students in these programs enter their games for a chance to be in our showcase on our Expo floor, so come check them out!

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Friday: 12PM-8PM · Saturday: 12PM-8PM · Sunday: 11AM-7PM



Squid Ink.

University of Southern California

A narrative stealth game where you must escape your crazy prom night!

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Team: Sid McMahan



488 Squad

University of Southern California

The tabletop version of the PC game—a game where you must escape your crazy prom night!

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Team: Sid McMahan


Art Thief

CalArts Game Makers - Team Art Thief

California Institute of the Arts

Fresh-faced security guard Olive defends the museum from a nefarious art thief.  She must gather clues, solve puzzles, craft items, and listen to the many woes of the museum’s colorful cast of employees, artworks, and enemies.

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Team: Katherine "Green" Ohlson, Nathan Ho, Lily Windsor, Whitney Yuen, Isa Hanssen, Marley Townsend, Toby Do, Travis Nishii, Holland Sangster, Roy Berardo, Kyle Cooke-Gilbert, Yuri Gause, Jeff Huang, Théotime Vaillant, Vince De La Torre


Rollerball Island

CalArts Game Makers - Team Rollerball Island

California Institute of the Arts

This is a 3D physics-based platformer where you play as a lost boulder who uses speed, momentum, acceleration, double jumping?? to complete tasks for the local villagers in return for helping you find your way home!  

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Team: Toby Do, Roy Berardo, Worsey, Isa Hanssen, Katherine "Green" Ohlson, Holland Sangster, Zack Ross, Steven Hixson, Thomas Witwer, Yuri Gause, Jeff Huang, Théotime Vaillant, Vince De La Torre



CalArts Game Makers - Team Starlight

California Institute of the Arts

Starlight is an atmospheric 1st person walking sim/platformer in which you the player must ascend a surreal tower at the end of the world in order to receive a wish from a mysterious god.  It is a game about grief and coming to terms and acceptance. You spend the game ascending a tower and encountering characters that are going through grief in different ways, and in the end you yourself must make a decision that either determines if you have come to terms with your grief regarding the world or not.

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Team: Isa Hanssen, Kim Nguyen, Noah Lemelson, Ji Hyun Ahn/Charles, Jack Nop, Meagan Rufo, Kathleen Fox, Soowan An, Thomas Lemuel Witwer, Rebecca Drapkin


I Am Not Here

CalArts Game Makers - Team I Am Not Here

California Institute of the Arts

"Wake up, little one! The aisles darken and the day is done. You find yourself in a place unexpected–a restless spirit resurrected."

Play as a tartan-clad ghost as you wander a storybook graveyard in search of your resting place.  A mysterious, omniscient Narrator aids your travels, and the villainous Librarians stalk you through the darkness.  Solve puzzles to build and climb your way to safety.  

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Team: Roy Berardo, Vincent De La Torre, Marley Townsend, Theo Vaillant, K. Mercedes, Brian Keith "BK" Dawson


The Pilgrim


DigiPen Institute of Technology

Guide a strange blue wanderer through an ethereal, forested world in this atmospheric puzzler. You’ll need a keen eye to match runic symbols in your inventory to their counterparts in the environment, a challenge that gets increasingly complex as the eponymous Pilgrim progresses through the game.

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Team: Torrey Rose Carlson, Caleb Klomparens, Jacob McPeak, Jason Murray, William Podpechan, Elliott Strait


Tides of Ragnarok

Ionized Games

Vancouver Film School

Tides of Ragnarök is a Rhythm game with Physics Based Movement, in which you play as Ragnar the Viking, rowing to the beat, trying to go from island to island before nightfall. You’ll have to avoid obstacles and deadly enemies in order to make it in time! This was a solo project created in Unity over a period of 5 months. (2 months Pre-Production & 3 months Production).

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Team: Ion Rodriguez, River Chick



Plasticity Team

University of Southern California

Plasticity is a hauntingly beautiful puzzle-platformer about a plastic-ridden world and the choices you make to save it. Play as Noa, a curious young girl who leaves her home in search of a better life. Embark on an emotional journey as your actions dynamically change both gameplay and the story.

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Team: Aimee Zhang, Michelle Olson, Timothi Lim, James Collins, Justin Lu, Zi Woythaler, Dalton Chancellor, Alejandro Villero, Sully Zack, Kyle van Wiltenburg, Zi Woythaler, Drew Okenfuss, Wayne Yip, Skylar Kelley, Jamie Liao, Hayley Tomaszewski, Sarah Wang, Sophie Chu, Ryan Li, Jason Park, Natalie Moller, Tavi Zeir, Matt Hollander, Selina Liu, Sid Juneja, Anthony Hernandez, Max Wolf, Katie Yu, Christie Xu, Jake Tribe, Kevin Ke, Vincent Bertoni, Matthew Giles, Ryan Zubery, Maureen Wang




Full Sail University

Inanis is a game in which you play as an unknown entity in its journey of creation. You will create land, ocean, and plant life, through exploration and light puzzle and rhythm mechanics.

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Team: Jose Villarroel Soto, Joseph Gill, Nolan Bys, Liam Murray, Wan Chee Kiang, Jay Beckmeyer, Kevin Radovan, James Hollingsworth


The Erebus Incident

Terran: Subclass BattleValkyrie

Vancouver Film School (VFS)

The Erebus Incident is a first person, survival thriller game where you play as Doctor Gerald Reinhardt, the chief of research at Ash Valley Asylum in search of a cure to the Erebus Virus. As the player, you must make your way to safety by navigating through an abandoned asylum overrun with zombies, using items at your disposal such as the injector, beakers, your lighter and cameras that are placed around the map. It was made by 4 students in the Unreal Engine 4 over a period of 4 months.

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Team: Zishen Liang, Kevin Dapila, Todd Weber, Jason Thiessen, Rafael Dabrowski, Frank Munro