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$100,000 prize pool · Swiss format · Win an invite to Mythic Invitational (May 14–17)

Sign Up Process

You need a valid ticket to DreamHack Anaheim to sign up.

Once you've signed up, you should receive a confirmation email from our team within 72 hours.

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We will be using the tournament platform Smash.gg and all competitors will get a sign up code email to them the week before the tournament. This is also the place where you will submit your decklist! It is possible to change the decklists until the deadline (Feb 19, 6pm Pacific Time) in Smash.gg has passed. 

Access to DreamHack festival

After buying a ticket, you get access to the entire DreamHack festival, which means you can enjoy a three-day gaming event that will feature a variety of esports tournaments, live music, an expo area and many other activities!

Tournament Format

  • Swiss with double elimination top16 play offs
  • 10 Swiss rounds up to 300 persons, 11 for 300+
  • Capped at 350 persons
  • Tournament starts on Friday, Feb 21 and later parts of top16 bracket is played on Sunday, Feb 23 until finished (See start times in the schedule below)
  • MTG: Arena Tournament Mode BO3 with standard decks
  • The winner will receive an invitation to the next Mythic Invitational (May 14–17)


  • Competition rules modified for MTG: Arena is in effect, which means normal Magic tiebreakers.

  • Higher seed chooses play/draw in top16 play offs

  • BYOD (Bring your own device)

Prize Pool Distribution

Prize (USD)
1st 30,000
2nd 15,000
3rd 8,000
4th 8,000
5-8th 3,750
9-16th 1,400
17-32nd 800


Tune into the live broadcast of the tournament, which starts shortly before the tournament each day, or come watch the action live on-site.

Fri, Feb 21

Player check in starts

Tournament starts

Sat, Feb 22

Tournament starts

Sun, Feb 23

Tournament starts

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