The Dreamies Awards Show

Ready to complete your E.G.O.T. (AKA, your Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) trophy collection? Now you can finally earn a D.E.G.O.T. with an award from The Dreamies! Corniness aside, we’ve been wanting to start an awards show for some time now, but one with a DreamHack edge. Now that we’re launching our newest festival—in Anaheim, California—we thought this would be the perfect time to unveil our show.

So what makes our awards show different? We made categories that gamers will understand. It’s great to reward impressive visuals or best design, but everyone does that and, to be honest, those aren’t the only reasons we play games. It’s not just about the graphics or mechanics, it’s about what made us laugh so hard we fell on the floor. Or the games that made us yell at the screen and smash our $100 keyboard.


Submission deadline is Friday, January 31st 2019

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Unique Categories

There’s something here for everyone in our categories (we don’t leave out the thriller games or the games that were über cute). So check them out and submit your nominations!

Actual Good Loot


Rewarding loot is like a piñata on Christmas. It should feel satisfying to get and the loot definitely needs to be valuable.

Better Than Expected

Skeptical about a reboot? Sometimes, the games you weren’t gonna buy end up being ones you can’t live without.

Historically Inaccurate

If we discover one more lost world in the middle of a modern city…well, actually, we never want that to stop.

Hours Clocked


You’ve probably put in more hours with your game than you’ve spent on…anything else. But that’s cool, we don’t judge.

Is That Allowed?


Let’s be honest, having the ability to do certain things without going to prison has a dark appeal. Plus it keeps us out of prison.

Leap of Faith


Developers that dare to cross genres, or put a new twist on an overdone concept, have guts.

The Michael Bay


The building jump, the explosions, the absolutely necessary slow-walking away from said explosions, and so on.

Number Two


The Robin to our Batman, it can be the ally we need or the comic relief that helps us power through tough moments.

Painfully Cute


Games that are so kawaii they give you a headrush when you see the trailer—are totally amazing.

When It's Ready


It was supposed to come out sometime... but it didn’t. But you’re a die-hard fan and you’ll wait for the release…

WTF Just Happened?

The experiences that are a total mind eff and leave us making up theories about the meaning until the end of time.

You Look Familiar


Celebrity sightings and well-known icons are all over games. Other times, it’s just a damn good look-alike.

Pimp My Ride


Monster truck rallies have nothing on the machines you can drive and mod in games. Hear that engine purrr.

Rage Quit


For those who actually beat challenging games, good for you. Most of us don’t and we end up throwing a tantrum.

Scared Witless


One option is to play with the lights on in the family room. Either way, we know you didn’t sleep well afterwards.



It doesn’t matter if you cried or not, these titles rocked your world.

That's Pretty Clever


Gimmicks have a bad rep but can sometimes be the reason the game is so good!

Try Not To Laugh


The funniest games to bring to a party or watch streamers play are usually riddled with great comedy.