Even if you don’t play the games, you can still be a huge fan. As always, we’re bringing you big names to watch and big prizes to win. See the teams play online or in person—the competition is always more fun when fans are a part of it.

Fighting Game Championships

These games were mostly played in arcades back then, but since arcades are a thing of the past, players come to tournaments to hang out and play instead. So win or lose, don’t miss out the chance to be part of the fighting games community!

Pools can start as early as 10AM. Smash Ultimate & Melee Doubles will take place on Friday and Singles will take place on Saturday with top 8 on Sunday.
Schedule is subject to change and the final schedule will be announced at a later time.

BYOC Tournaments

Form new alliances or make a team with your friends. Whoever you’re fighting with, work together to crush your opponents so you can all win some prizes. It is easy to sign up, a ton of fun, and it’s included in your BYOC ticket.

Minecraft Build Contest

Duos build contest


Coming soon

Unreal Tournament



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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare



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Age of Empires II DE



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