Dreamhack HALO Series

$50,000 prize pool · Halo: Reach · PC

Sign Up Process

  • Purchase a Halo Team Pass from our ticket page (Only 76 available)
    Buy your ticket


  • Submit your team & rosters via the form that’ll be sent out to ticket holders prior to roster lock on February 13th, 11:59PM Eastern time*

*You can still purchase and submit rosters post the roster lock, but only teams who submitted prior to the roster lock is eligible for direct seeding into pools (top 12 of the submitted teams by then). Seeding will be done based on qualifiers.


  • The qualifiers are hosted by UGC and more info can be found on their website.
    UGC website


  • The four qualifier dates are:
    Jan 19, Jan 25, Feb 1, Feb 8
  • Top 12 teams who participated and signed up prior to the roster lock will be seeded directly into the pools.

Player Equipment

All teams and players are expected to bring their own functioning peripherals to be used for tournament play. Keyboard and controllers are allowed, and more detailed information will follow shortly.

Main Tournament Prize Pool Distribution

Prize (USD)
1st 25,000
2nd 10,000
3rd 6,000
4th 3,000
5-6th 2,000
7-8th 1,000

Tournament Format

Open Bracket

  • Up to 64 teams
  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • All matches are Bo5 games
  • The 4 best teams advance to Pool Play
  • Place 5-8 are placed in the Elimination Bracket in the Championship Bracket

Pool Play

  • 12 seeded teams based on online UGC qualifier, 4 qualifying teams from the Open Bracket
  • All matches are BO5 games
  • Each group will have 4 teams in it

Championship Bracket

  • 20 teams qualified through Open Bracket and Pool Play
  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • All matches are BO5 games until EB- & WB Finals
  • EB-, WB- and Grand Finals are BO7 games

side tournament

$5,000 prize pool · Halo: Reach FFA

Sign up process

  • On site sign-up Saturday, Feb 22 morning
  • First come, first served

Info about Side Tournament

This FFA side tournament will run alongside the main tournament's pool play and start of Championship Bracket. Therefore you cannot participate in both should your team still be competing in the main tournament.

Server settings


Side Tournament Prize Pool Distribution

Prize (USD)
1st 3,000
2nd 1,500
3rd 500

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