What are the festival hours?

Venue · Fri: 10AM–Midnight · Sat: 10AM–Midnight · Sun: 10AM–8PM

Expo Hall · Fri: Noon–8PM · Sat: Noon–8PM · Sunday: 11AM-7PM

Registration Desk · Fri/Sat: 10AM–10PM · Sun: 8AM–3PM

Venue Open 24 Hours for 3-Day pass Holders

Can I check in if I arrive later in the day?
Where is the festival taking place?
How much is the parking fee?
What is DreamHack?
Where do I buy tickets and how do I pick them up?
Can I buy festival/day tickets on location?
Do I need a special ticket to compete in tournaments?
Is it safe to bring my PC to a festival?
Do I need to bring anything to BYOC other than my PC?
Is there an age restriction?
Is IRL streaming okay?
Can I bring my support animal to the festival?
What items are allowed?
What's not allowed?
Do you have a notice of film and photography?

Further Help

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