DreamHack AnaheimNewsAmerica’s Navy presents BYOC

America’s Navy presents BYOC

We're excited to announce a joint partnership with America's Navy, and they'll be bringing some unique activations to elevate your BYOC experience!

Presenting Partner of BYOC

The Navy will be integrated with all aspects of the platform, complete with a dedicated Navy row, Navy-sponsored BYOC tournaments, and officers engaging with BYOC-ers all weekend.

We know gaming is a hobby for many who serve their country, so to unite our festival in Anaheim with this respected military branch is particularly meaningful to us.

Marcus Lindmark, Co-CEO, DreamHack

Other activities at Anaheim

Within the U.S. Navy's experiential activation on the DreamHack Anaheim festival floor, the U.S. Navy will host a LAN station, where fans can challenge Navy Sailors to compete in a variety of game titles!