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DreamHack Fashion Show – Final Fantasy themed

At DreamHack you’re in an environment surrounded by thousands of fellow gamers. Each of you harness a unique gambit and battle system of your own and share a common goal of one thing… to party in style at our first FINAL FANTASY FASHION SHOW!

Together with True Urban Culture, this event will feature a fashion runway inspired by the many worlds within the Final Fantasy franchise. It will take place on the Sunday, 23rd Feb, on the Main Stage.

This event is dedicated to the fans of the legendary video game franchise and gamers who live outside the box and express their love for the series through the expression of high end fashion. 4 designers will be providing the fashion pieces.

Karen Yoshida

Born in Kobe, Japan and grew up in Southern California. Yoshida was a high school track and field athlete in the California region, who is now pursuing her passion to be a fashion designer. Recently she has work and study alongside her mentor celebrity fashion designer and the Winner of Project Runway Season 16 Kentaro Kameyama.


Lizzie Jones

A cosplayer-turned-fashion-designer with a love for playful, feminine streetwear. Her designs combine sophisticated fabrics and silhouettes with fun, funky colors and textures to bring to life. Lizzie is most inspired by how light interacts with the world around us and shows her work through pops of shimmer and sparkle.


Coral Castillo

Coral Castillo’s collection, although entirely done in black, features stunning pieces that are somehow ethereal and light. Coral’s designs show love for texture and layers-dramatic shapes and draping portray a playful relationship with light and opacity. Her work has been published in VOGUE Italia, VOGUE UK, Riviera, Apparel News, Black&Grey, and San Francisco Chronicle.


Bernard Jackson

Bernard Jackson, is an American fashion designer, philanthropist, and artist, best known for BERNARD JACKSON, LLC a luxury clothing brand that caters to the elite global consumer lifestyle. Bernard’s designs articulate stories that have been conveyed through classic fine art mediums throughout history. Inspired by fairy tales, legends, and folktales, every creation tells a story and is a canvas for artistic expression, bringing beauty, romance and the designer’s vision to life.