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First Timer’s Guide to BYOC

This article is for all newcomers joining us for the first time! Here you’ll find what it means to have a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) ticket, packing tips, and other useful info.

What is included in the BYOC ticket?

A BYOC ticket holder will receive one table reservation and a basic chair. You will be provided with one electrical socket and one internet port. You will need to bring an internet cable (we recommend a minimum of 32 feet to be safe) and powerstrip to be able to plug in both computer tower and monitor.

With your ticket you will be able to participate in all open BYOC Tournaments.

How do I select my seat?

The purchasing of a BYOC ticket and selecting a seat are two separate processes. See the seatmap here. Please follow the steps in our help section if you are unsure on the seat-selection process.

What should I pack?


  • Personal computer with all cables
  • Screen and associated cables
  • Mouse, mousepad, keyboard
  • Headset or headphones
  • Network cable, about 32 feet
  • Power supplies. You get two power outlets.
  • Game console and controllers
  • Deodorant (non-aerosol)
  • Water bottle & snacks
  • Money for food

Extra Things you can bring

  • Your own office/gaming chair if you want to sit comfortably. DreamHack provides simple chairs
  • Computer security lock, cables and padlock. Secure your hardware!
  • Flashlight, find your stuff in the dark
  • Duct tape – solves everything
  • Decorations for your desk
  • Money for merch and other purchases

PC/Monitor Rental

Don't want to bring your computer but still want the BYOC experience? You'll be able to rent a set-up as an add-on when you check out your BYOC ticket. Limited quantity only!

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