DreamHack AnaheimNewsFreeplay areas: PC, Console & VR

Freeplay areas: PC, Console & VR

Step right up to our freeplay area and check out our game library. We’ve got indies, oldies, and the latest juiciest releases!

CLX PC Freeplay

  • Indie Rumble - come play with the devs and vote for your favorite competitive indie title
  • DreamHack ft. Fortnite tournament seats during qualifying heats (first come first served, limited number of seats available each heat
  • GTFO - weekend play session
  • Hundreds of other games on our Freeplay library: New arrivals such as Two Point Hospital, GTFO. and Halo: Reach!

Console Freeplay

  • Zombie Army 4
  • Darksiders Genesis

VR Freeplay

  • The latest and greatest games in VR