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Smash the Stigma

Rally behind your favorite content creators as they squad up to compete for glory and a smashing good cause. DreamHack is teaming up with RAD to raise $25,000 for mental healthcare awareness in Smash the Stigma: a charity Smash event.

Smash the Stigma will be on the FGC stage from 2pm - 4pm, Friday 21st.

About RAD

Rise Above The Disorder, RAD, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to making mental health care accessible to everyone. RAD began when a group of gamers dedicated themselves on a mission to help one individual overcome depression. Since then, their community has grown to help everyone in need of support.

We started as a World of Warcraft guild dedicated to helping members of the gaming community overcome their issues with mental health.

We’ve since evolved into a major non-profit that has helped over 30,000 gamers get free mental health care.

Rise Above The Disorder