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51 Indies to pick from

You can play 51 indie video games at Anaheim! We made room for more indies than ever before and introduced a new category for DCCG titles (cause we know you love titles like Gwent and Eternal, so now you've got some fresh new indie card games to check out).

12 categories of Indies

From action, strategy, to humor, and simulation. Check out all the categories on the Indie Playground page.

Indie Playground Page

Show & Tell session by each Indie

Each indie will have 15 minutes to demo and present their game live on the main stage. The show and tell stream will span across the entire festival weekend. Have a game you're particularly curious about? Check out full schedule on the Indie Show & Tell page.

Indie Show & Tell Page

DreamHack Staff picks

Not sure what to play? No worries, we got you. Our very own staff have some recommendations!

I'm a fan of multi-player & fighting games because of their ability to bring people together. Also a fan of single player adventure games to get away from people.

My picks:

  • Fantasy Strike
  • Anew: The Distant Light
  • Undying
  • Invisigun Heroes
  • Guildlings

Alex Jebailey

I prefer to play games with a high level of strategy involved, rather than mechanics - and anything that rewards grinding and practice is a win for me. I have a never ending love affair with Dota 2, but games like Human Fall Flat, Getting Over It, and The Stanley Parable are a nice break from MOBAs with a trip through puzzles and a test of patience.

My picks:

  • Wave Break
  • Until You Fall
  • Moving Out
  • Operencia: The Stolen Sun
  • Arcanium


I love strat games, RPGs, CCGs, Rougelits and everything in between. It was a hard choice for me to choose my top 5 but here they are:

  • Arcanium
  • Eagle Island
  • Delphyq
  • DwarfHeim
  • Sons of Ra

Aaron Linde

One day, I will make a character that isn't a sneaky archer... one day.

My picks:

  • Family Style: Co-op Kitchen
  • Fractured Lands
  • Anew: The Distant Light
  • Eagle Island
  • Arcanium

Kyle Konsmo