DreamHack AnaheimTop newsAnaheim, you were awesome

Anaheim, you were awesome

Thank you for supporting the first ever DreamHack on the west coast! Whether you attended as a player, a visitor, or watched our streams from home, we couldn't have done it without you.

Esports summary

Players competed for over $580,000 in prize money. Congratulations to all the winners!

DreamHack ft. Fortnite

🥇 MrSavage
🥈 Ghost_Bizzle
🥉 nanolite

DreamHack Open

🥇 Gen.G
🥈 Furia Esports
🥉 Complexity Gaming

DreamHack Arena Open

🥇 littlebeep
🥈 Zapgaze
🥉 PercsAlert#95448

DreamHack Halo Series

🥇 Mantra 
🥉 Sentinels

DreamHack Warcraft 3 Open

🥇 Moon
🥈 FoCuS
🥉 Happy

Madden NFL 20

🥇 Prodigy
🥈 CleffTheGod
🥉 Cutty

Fighting Games Championships

🥇 Larry Lurr (Smash Ulti 1v1)
🥇 Fiction (Melee 1v1)
🥇 GoWeege (TEKKEN 7)
🥇 Mewtater (Pokkén)
🥇 Commander Jesse (SFV Arcade)
🥇 Larry Lurr & Dakpo (Smash Ulti Doubles)
🥇 S2J & Lucky (Melee Doubles)
🥇 Luigi (UNICLR)

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