9 things you need to do at dreamhack

DHS19 Opening

1) Catch the opening ceremony

The latest DreamHack Summer’s opening ceremony was a full 8 minutes, complete with electronic music, laser lightshow and fireworks!

2) The DreamHack HALLÅ

Try it out yourself! Yell HALLO in any hall and you’ll be sure to get responses.

dal stream studio

3) Photobomb a streamer

Smile because you’re on TV! (But no harassment please)

DHS19 Indie Zone

4) Try out an indie game

Lots of love goes into making a game, and here you can speak to the developers right after your play-test.

5) Make the rounds around Expo

Our partner booths often offer activities that anyone can participate in! Claw machines, spin-the-wheel, carnival games, and we even had a fully functional cannon that fires chip packets. There’s a surprise every expo!

6) Have dinner for breakfast

It’s a weekend of gaming indulgence and you can have pizza or kebab for breakfast if you want.

7) Game with old and new friends

Live in a different city or country from your online friends? DreamHack’s the perfect place to organize meet-ups and game together. If you have a BYOC seat you’ll get to know your neighbors too.


8) Esports stage hopping

Witness the electric atmosphere of a live esports tournament. Pro players are so good at the game that it’s almost impossible not to watch.


9) Party time (live music)

You don’t have to stand in line for hours outside some VIP club just to party to international artists and DJs. Every festival we feature different music genres, ranging from the classic Hardstyle, Techno, to EDM, Metal & Rock.

Have other things you need to do at DreamHack? We’d love to hear about them! Share with us your experience via Twitter or Discord.

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