Bringing CS:GO to Anaheim


DreamHack Open expands to two new locations in 2020, and one of them is Anaheim, California! The goal of this circuit has always been to be the number one place for aspiring teams to prove themselves as world-class teams, and now with our participation in the ESL Pro Tour, further develop the strength of CS:GO as a global sport.

Which teams are coming?

DreamHack Open will feature a combination of teams directly invited to the competition, as well as the opportunity for every aspiring CS:GO professional player to qualify through online competition. Team invites and qualifier information will be available later on the Open website.

How can I watch DreamHack Open?

Join in the spectator stands with other fans of CS:GO, all you need is a festival/day pass or BYOC ticket. Think watching a tournament stream is fun with thousands of other viewers? Wait til you experience the live crowd atmosphere!

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