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Artist Alley is Not Your Typical Merch Stop

Artists first and gamers second, these folks don’t mess around when it comes to fan art and illustration

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Alexander Iaccarino talks about his work in the Artist Alley at DreamHack Austin 2018 – Photo Credit: Stephanie Lindgren

Game art is one of the most diverse art forms, with styles ranging from 8-bit to photo realism. While we’re all a little jaded to the way fantasy worlds and magical creatures come to life through the hard work of artists from around the world, it’s still incredible how often they can surprise us.

The tools, techniques, and sheer intellect they use to brainstorm new concept art and those technical in-game art assets is pretty mind-boggling, especially when you sit down and play.

But honestly, video game culture is much greater than the games themselves because it branches into tabletop, anime, comics, films, and probably a hundred more things you could name. Fact is, the art that fills our lives exists thanks to all the individuals contributing their heart-filled work.

Every time you admire how great something looks, just think how much time the artist spent working on it—trust me, it’ll make you smile.

You can find a full list of our participating artists on the Artist Alley page or check out the shorthand list below.