AVGL Collegiate Tournament Sign-Ups are Live!

AVGL Collegiate Tournament Sign-Ups are Live!


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AVGL Collegiate Tournament
Sign-Ups are Live!

DreamHack and the American Video Game League (AVGL) are growing a collegiate esports hub, continuing the DreamHack + AVGL College Series that includes more hours of competition and student offerings in Atlanta than ever before.

The DreamHack Atlanta Main Stage will be dominated by best-in-class collegiate competition, including the Grand Finals of the AVGL’s Community League of Legends Tournament on Saturday. Two weeks of online qualifiers will be run to determine the top teams competing at DreamHack.

Regional collegiate rivals will also be competing in grudge matches for Fortnite, League of Legends, and a mobile game.

The League of Legends online qualifier will begin with group stages on October 20th, leading up to a playoff bracket on October 27th & 28th. The top two teams will get the opportunity to compete on the DreamHack Atlanta Main Stage with a travel stipend, hotel room, 3-day tickets to the event, and product prizing.

AVGL Collegiate Tournaments on the Main Stage at DreamHack Austin 2018

AVGL Tournaments Schedule

All tournaments will be held on the Main Stage

10:00AM–6:00PM Fortnite Grudge Matches

10:00AM–1:30PM LoL Grand Finals

1:30PM–5:00PM LoL Grudge Matches

10:00AM–12:30PM Mobile Grudge Matches

The online qualifiers will be livestreamed on AVGL’s Twitch channel, and all Main Stage competitions will be livestreamed on DreamHack’s Twitch channel. Both channels will also feature team interviews and top plays of the matches.

For more information about the League of Legends online qualifier:

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About the DreamHack + AVGL Collegiate Series

The American Video Game League (AVGL) is the leading collegiate esports organization in North America, providing high quality competition, content, and community support to over 1,200 college teams and millions of fans across 300 hours of competition during the year.

DreamHack has partnered with the AVGL to provide collegiate esports players and fans with best-in-class competition, from nationwide online tournaments with hundreds of teams, to DreamHack Main Stage events in front of the largest college esports audience in North America. DreamHack Atlanta is the fourth DreamHack event to feature AVGL and college esports.







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