Case Mod Championship

We at DreamHack love modding and the beauty of a custom built PC with personality and a unique look on top of some awesome features.

Therefore, we are hosting our Case Mod Championship with two different classes, both for the modding elite in the Master Class and the Open Class which is for all the aspiring modders out there.

In the open class anyone can participate with a pre-built system. It’s not required to build a unique system from scratch for this competition, some alterations have to be made to the system.

The Case Mod Championship offers two different classes. One Master Class with invited modders and pre-selected contestants based from an online application. And the Open Class where visitors at the DHW19-event can participate.

Classes and categories

CaseMod DHW

The Master Class

The contestants for this competition will be chosen through entries that are collected via an online application made in advance. The selected contestants will then be invited to the competition.

DHW Casemod 2

The Open Class

(everyone can sign up at the event)

On Friday between 17:30 – 19:30 “walk-in” contestants can get their cases and mods reviewed by judges and will be selected to compete with their cases. The selection will be hosted in the Case Mod booth in Hall B. Judges and representatives from DreamHack will be present and decide who advances to the finals. 

Contestants from the Master Class can’t participate in the Open Class.

master class prize table

Place Prize
1st 8000 SEK + Ticket to DHS20
2nd 6000 SEK + Ticket to DHS20
3rd 5000 SEK + Ticket to DHS20

open class prize table

Place Prize
1st 4000 SEK + Ticket to DHS20
2nd 3000 SEK
3rd 2000 SEK

Registration & display

During the weekend case mods will be on display in the Case Mod Booth in Hall B on the Expo floor. At the same time we host the evaluation, qualifications, registration and judging for the Open Class on Friday in the same area. 


Times & dates

Signup for Open Class at the Case Mod Booth in Hall B  

Friday, November 29th: 17:30-19:30

Finals on the Main Stage in Hall D – Open & Master Class

Sunday, December 1st: 16:45


Our Judges

Morgan Winberg, aka Egxi moddifier

Morgan has been a modder since 2016 and competed in some of DreamHack events before. He has even won some high level prizes himself. He recently made a mod for the national esports team of Sweden together with Cooler Master. This mod was shown during the World Cup qualification at events in Stockholm.

Justin “MetallicAcid” Ohlsen

Justin is a long time professional modder with a great track record in the previous Case Mod championships.

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