Art from around the world

An expensive trip to an exotic country makes for a wonderful vacation, but if you’re only interested in the art, you may not have to fly far. Art from Pakistan, Chile, Switzerland, Indonesia, Australia, Poland, Taiwan, and many more distant countries will be on view in our Art Gallery at DreamHack Dallas. Click on the button below to see the full list.

You will not only be able to see global treasures, you’ll also have the chance to peruse some local flavor in our Artist Alley. Nearly half these artisans, craftsman, and illustrators are Texan, the rest hail from all over the United States. Be sure to stop by and support local artists—you’ll be walking away with armloads of art before you know it!

Brick by brick design
Booth AA-01
Bowie Art
Booth AA-02
Booth AA-03
Booth AA-04
Booth AA-05
Booth AA-06
Lazy Nerds Design
Booth AA-07
Reid Fagerquist
Booth AA-08
l3reezer x rainubrew
Booth AA-09
Booth AA-10
Booth AA-11
Burnt Green Tea
Booth AA-12
Alexander Iaccarino
Booth AA-13
Booth AA-14
Blackberry A La Mode
Booth AA-15
Booth AA-16
Booth AA-17
James Valle (KentaroPJJ)
Booth AA-18
Sushiyama Art
Booth AA-19
Booth AA-20

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