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A total of 17 indie game projects made it through our internal round of selections. These small-time companies are now ready to pitch their big-time ideas to our panel of judges, but only 5 will make it to the finals. Catch the Game Pitch Championship finals on the Indie Show & Tell stage on Saturday at 5:30PM in person or on our stream. The winning pitch will walk away with a shiny trophy and $2,500!

Check out the list of selected developers, judges, and emcee for the finals below.

Selected Game Developers


Afternuburner Studios



Depths of Sanity

Bomb Shelter Games LLC

Summoners Fate

D20Studios, LLC

Bound by Blades


Small Squadron

Implausible Games

Trap Labs


Balls Out

Meddling Kids

Knights of Glory

Blue Gear Games, LLC

The Rowing Simulator

Squid Ink.

Kuroi Boushi


Project Arrhythmia

Vitamin Games

I Mustache U

Social Experiment Gaming


562 Interactive

Space Merchant

Retora Games

Shadow Fencer Theatre

ShuddaHaddaLottaFun LLC

Ready Set Haiya!

Geeky Panda Studios

Judges & Emcee

Tyler Tomaseski

Studio Director, Engineer
PolyKnight Games

Tyler is a programmer and director of PolyKnight Games. Tyler was a self-taught programmer, but got a B.S. in Software Engineering so he could “meet people in college to start an indie-studio.” When he isn’t selling his soul to the programming gods, he’s usually playing Dark Souls, Dragon’s Dogma, Shadow of the Colossus, reading Harlan Ellison, or listening to De La Soul.

Brian Thomas

Design Lead
Gearbox Software

Since its inception and our first release, Half-Life: Opposing Force, the talented developers at Gearbox Software have had the pleasure of creating video games for some of the most exciting and revered brands on the planet. The Gearbox Software team has also created original, owned and managed brands including the award winning, best-selling Brothers in Arms series and the record-setting, genre breaking Borderlands franchise.

Scott Moakes

Software Engineer & Indie Developer

An ambitious and enthusiastic programmer with 8 years industry experience. Completed highly successful iOS, Android and browser based game projects, undertaking all aspects of the software lifecycle from set up of a mobile department to releases on a large variety of platforms/app stores.

Courtney Redlinger

Gameplay Engineer
Boss Fight Entertainment

Experienced Game Programmer and avid games lover. History of work in the games industry. Engine experience with Unreal 3, Unreal 4, and Unity 2017. Most comfortable with C++ and C# programming languages.

Matt Cox

Assistant Creative Director
Gearbox Software

♥ Emcee

Game developer with 20 years of director and management experience in creative media including games, music production, entertainment publications, public speaking, and non-profits.

Lead Designer on the original Scribblenauts video game from 5TH Cell. To date the franchise has sold over 13 million units and generated ~$200 million in revenue.

I take what I continue to learn and deploy vision through smart teamwork and actionable goals. I love the energy of working with others.

I love cultivating teams that pursue not only fun and innovation, but excellence – not by dictatorship, but by unlocking the best in everyone’s talents so that we have a result greater than the sum of our parts.

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