Play IRL Sports inside the building

Tie up your laces and strap on your sports glasses, it’s time to play in real life. For gamers looking for a way to stay active inside a gaming festival for three days, we’ve got IRL sports to get the blood flowing. We’ve got two for Dallas: Guardians and Sumosphere.


Sumo. Balls. Basically the same idea as wearing puffy sumo suits and shoving each other, except you’ll be inside a giant hamster ball. If you’re more of a winner-takes-all, go for the Sumosphere!


Dodgeball meets quidditch. You’ll be tossing a kind of frisbee called the Circuit and wearing a mask. If you lean towards team sports, then definitely try Guardians.

Real Life Games

The goal of virtual reality is to take players and put them into games, ours is the opposite.  Using movie style set designs, actors, stunt crews, make up artists and any other equipment needed we take video games and make them reality.  Bring your games to the next level by experiencing them on a whole new field.

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