Game Jam Theme: 5 Minutes To…

46 really imaginative and witty game developers put their minds (and fingers) to the test in our latest Game Jolt game jam. The theme “5 minutes to…” was offered to the devs at the start of the jam as a launching board and, from there, they took the idea in all sorts of interesting directions.

Alas, of 46 entries, only 5 games (plus an honorable mention) could be chosen. But, lucky for you, there will be a booth at DreamHack Dallas where you can play these super special six games. And here they are…

1st Place Winner

Drive like the wind! Save people!

The goal of Ambuuu is to save as many people as possible by picking them up in your Ambulance. Run into someone to pick them up and bring them back to the hospital before the time runs out in this hectic physics adventure. Play long enough and you may experience the very intense AMBUUU mode!

<A> Boost

Be careful not to run out of gas or you won’t be able to boost, and don’t let five people die or the game will end!

Boogie Woogie Bed by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Magas McFly is a detective action adventure where your goal is to find the killer in the mansion in 5 minutes!
So be quick and watch closely for details! Cause you need to recognize the killer yourself with your eyes!

You can ask the guests to get more information about the killer’s overall look so you can find him and KILL him!

The 4 factors of the killer’s body you need to be aware of is: the eyes, the upper part of the body, the lower part of the body, and the color.

You are a government agent and your job is to interrogate suspects. You only have 5 minutes to find out how to defuse a bomb or find kidnapped hostages.

As in blackjack, you need to score a certain number of points to make the criminal repent.

But on the path to repentance, beliefs may appear that will prevent you from achieving repentance.

You can identify them in advance, but be careful, it will take some time.


Senior Programmer: Kolnogorov R.
Junior Programmer: Kolnogorov R.
Lead Modeler: Kolnogorov R.
Main Game Designer: Kolnogorov R.
Story: Kolnogorov R.
UI Art: Kolnogorov R.

Crash landed on an unknown planet, you arm your trusty drone to recover parts for your ship. What danger lies on this planet? Collect upgrades and fix the ship within 5 minutes!

The countdown starts when you pick up the first ship piece, figured it’d be fun to just explore a bit before the pressure starts.

Marshalls Is a Twinstick Shooter.

You play as a lone Marshall that has to save a hijacked supply train from a hostile bandit take over before time runs out! These bandits only have use for what they can carry, and the rest is heading straight for a old broken bridge high above a rapid raging river. Can YOU pull the brakes in time?

(This version currently ONLY supports Xbox Gamepad Input)
The current version of the game will not be updated after the jam has finished.

We may create a longer form version of Marshalls at a later date (no promises)

Honorable Mention

Born from the womb of evil, feed the brood with the most delightful meat : humans.

Game made by Claws Up Games.
Check out the free demo of our latest game CHOP here, full version available on Steam.

Music Credits :
TeknoAXE’s Royalty Free Music
Brooding Ben – Synthwave – Royalty Free Music
The Breakdown – Nu Metal – Royalty Free Music


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