DreamHack & Linus Tech Tips PC Championship

We, together with Linus Tech Tips and the LTX crew, want to encourage the growth of PC modding on a community level and also encourage the non-professional modders and creators. Presenting the PC Championship with the following 4 categories:

  • The Worst PC Award
  • The Oldest System Award
  • The Most Powerful PC Award
  • The Best Case Mod Award


Please register by Saturday, 1 June. You can view the rules on the signup form by clicking the button above!


$250 will be awarded for first place in each category above. Up to 2 runner ups in each category will get tickets and LTT/LTX Swag.


Only BYOC ticket holders may enter. Entries will be reviewed and they will be notified if they are nominated. Nominated entires will be notified by Sunday,  June 2nd morning so they can stick around for the championship ceremony.


The ceremony will take place on the Indie Stage.
Sunday, 2 Jun, 4:30PM – 5:30PM

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