The time has come to pick your BYOC seat! Rows A-K and AA-KK are now available for selection, and more rows will be released when these have filled up. Don’t deliberate too long though, as these do fill up quickly!

Limited ADA Seats (Wheelchair Access)

To inquire about an ADA seat please email for a first come first served based inquiry into one of the ADA seats. You will have to show proof and we reserve the right to refuse access to these seats as we deem necessary.

Themed Rows

Take your BYOC experience to the next level!

As a community, we want you to be able to sit with your friends, yes, but also meet new ones. Themed Rows allow the possibility to sit with other fans of the game. DreamHack Staff selects the game and will pretty up the Row based on that selected game. The game is a basis for the genre and guides like-minded gamers to select those seats. Doesn’t mean you have to play those games at all, but there’s a good chance everyone around you are fans of it.

Each day we are working on more ways to make your themed BYOC experience stand out. There could be relevant game content exclusive to the festival, themed contests, or even swag complimenting the theme. This is in no way guaranteed, but definitely something we’re striving for as we build the BYOC experience to be more and more impactful with each event.

Our current themed rows are below (we may add more rows along the way).


Battle Royale fans

League of Legends

MOBA fans


Modern FPS fans

Starcraft 2

Strategy fans

Quake Champions

Classic FPS fans

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Cooperative fans

See you at DreamHack Dallas

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