Our Tabletop Zone Just Got a Little Bigger

More games are storming the Tabletop Zone this year with the addition of the Tabletop Indie Spotlight. 15 indie designers are offering up their games for you to play at the show! Ranging from accessible 15 minute sessions to highly complex 3 hour campaigns, there are choices for any player from beginner to expert. Here is the list of games that you’ll be able to play.

Charmed and Dangerous: The Sisters Grimm Base Set
Booth TT-01
Dungeon Brawler
Booth TT-02
Booth TT-03
Booth TT-04
Hero: Tales of the Tomes
Booth TT-05
Danger The Game
Booth TT-06
I Mustache U
Booth TT-07
Booth TT-08
Knights of glory
Booth TT-09
Booth TT-10
The Search for Planet X
Booth TT-11
Mountaineers: A 3d Board game
Booth TT-12
Booth TT-13
Churrascaria: A Cutthroat Game of Gluttony
Booth TT-14
The Night Cage
Booth TT-15

If you need even more variety, our Tabletop Annex includes a library of tabletop games giving you unlimited access to tons of titles to check out with your friends. Better still, you can enjoy furious matches against skilled opponents in our Tabletop Tournaments. And yes, there will be KeyForge and MTG tournament prizes! Click the button below to see more details.

Tabletop Zone Map

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