OFFICIAL bus to malmö

Having trouble looking for ways to get to Malmö or just wish that everything was ready at your fingertips? Good news: we’re arranging 2 chartered bus routes that will drop you off right outside Malmö Arena. Convenient, fuss-free, and simple!


Copenhagen to Malmö Arena

1 bus per day: 4th, 5th, 6th October
80 people capacity
Reminder to bring your ID in the event of border control

Departure & Arrival

CPH (3 stops*) → Malmö Arena: Departure 13:00 – Arrival 14:00

Malmö Arena → CPH (3 stops) : Departure is 30 min after the final game

*Stops in Copenhagen:

13:00 The DGI Byen (place is behind the railway station in the center of Copenhagen)
13:20 Danhostel in Amager
13:25 Bella Center øst ved Metro ørestads boulevard

PRICE when purchased online

120 DKK / 1 day (Roundtrip)
265 DKK / All 3 days (Roundtrip)


Gothenburg to Malmö Arena

1 bus on: Sunday, 6th October
55 people capacity

Departure & Arrival

Gothenburg* → Malmö Arena: Departure 12:00 – Arrival 15:30

Malmö Arena → Gothenburg: Departure is 30 min after the final game

*Stop in Gothenburg:

Drottningtorget (Clarion Post Hotel entry)

Stop in Halmstad

13:45 Halmstad Resecentrum

PRICE when purchased online

275 SEK (Roundtrip)


Can I buy a bus ticket on board?

Yes, tickets are available for purchase on board at a slightly higher cost.

What features will be on board?

All buses come equipped with WiFi, electric sockets, and toiletes.

I don’t have a ticket to CORSAIR DreamHack Masters Malmö. Do you offer a bundle with this bus ticket?

Yes, select your ticket type here. Bus passes can then be selected as add-ons before you check out your order.

Can I buy a one-way ticket?

All tickets are for round-trip. You may however, choose not to use your return trip if you wish to stay in Malmö.

Can I bring food & drinks on board?

Yes, you may bring drinks and snacks.

Who can I contact if I cannot find the bus on departure day?

CPH route: Thomas Kagan (+45 2441 9350)

GTB route: David Jawette (+46 76 865 6556)

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