We are releasing wheelchair accessible seats with adjustable height. Across this row you will find companion seats that are of regular height. These two seat types are both 120cm in width to accommodate for wheelchairs and provide extra luggage space.

Check out the updated seatmap by clicking the button below.

Located in:

Hall D

Wheelchair accessible seats:

Row D12: Seats 1, 3, 5

Companion seats:

Row D12: Seats 2, 4, ,6

Companion seats can be reserved at the same time you reserve a wheel chair accessible seat. Please note that a regular BYOC ticket is required to book any of these seats.

There are only 6 seats in total, and these are application based — first come, first served. Click on the button below to request access to an accessible seat.

All of Elmia is accessible with a wheelchair, including accessible toilets and elevators. These facilities are clearly marked on the venue map.

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