Arcane Game

Arcane Game is the puzzle challenge for all gamers at DreamHack! In honor of 25 years of legendary LAN events all around the world, a unique competition is now under way. You will have to use your intellect, craftiness and your ability to think logically to conquer the DreamHack Challenge!

Every week following up to DreamHack Winter 2019, there will be a new puzzle to solve posted at Arcane Game (button below). Each puzzle will have a connection to DreamHack in one way or the other.

A different prize every week!

A new challenge is posted every Thursday, at 19:00 (7PM). Be the first to solve the task and stand to win:

Week 1 – 24th Oct

Week 2 – 31st Oct

Week 3 – 7th Nov

Week 4 – 14th Nov

Week 5 – 21th Nov

Week 6 – 28th Nov

Grand Prize

It’s okay if you aren’t the fastest person each week! You also earn points by solving a puzzle. At the end of the competition, the person with the most points will be awarded the grand prize.

  • Xbox game pass ultimate & Fortnite xbox controller

  • Platronics RIG 500 PRO headset

  • Deltaco keyboard, orange LED

  • 5x BYOC tickets to Dreamhack summer 2020


The only requirements for playing the game are that you are a human being and register at Arcane Games website. You don’t need any special knowledge to compete in the this challenge, you only need to know how to obtain it! For those who are new, there is a tutorial that you can go through to help you learn the ropes.

By entering the competition you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

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