fortnite tournament format

The tournament is played in three stages.

stage 1:

The first stage is open for everyone to sign up and the best 200 of each heat advance to stage 2.

We have three different heats: red, blue, and yellow. Two of these will be played on Friday at different times and the last will be played on Saturday.

A player can sign up for all of these three heats.
You can play up to ten (10) matches in each heat and the best 200 players will advance from each heat.
Once you have advanced you may not play additional heats in stage 1.

stage 2:

Stage 2 will advance 100 players to the Grand Final.

You can play up to ten (10) matches and the best 100 players will advance.

stage 3:

100 players in a eight (8) game series with small breaks in between each game.

Tournament schedule:

point system for all stages:

Elimination gives 5 points

position points
1st 60
2nd 53
3rd 49
4th 47
5th 46
50th 1

prizepool distribution:

Total prizepool 250,000 USD

position prize (USD)
1st 30,000
2nd 15,000
3rd 13,750
4th 12,500
5th 11.250
6th 10,000
7th 9,250
8th 8,500
9th 7,750
10th 7,000
11th 6,250
12th 4,750
13th 4,500
14th 4,250
position prize (USD)
15th 4,000
16th 3,750
17th 3,500
18th 3,250
19th 3,000
20th 2,750
21st-30th 2,500
31st-35th 2,000
36th-40th 1,750
41st-50th 1,000
51st-75th 750
76th-100th 500

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