Hall Updates at Dreamhack Winter

Hall C

This hall now consists of the BYOC 20+ area & lounge, and the BYOC 20+ premium area & club (more info on this soon). Activities from here such as speedrunning, stream studio, will be moving into Hall B!

Hall D

Packed with LAN as always! The main stage will be on the northern wall in the map facing down the hall. Want to be close to the main stage? You can sit at the top! Still want that great LAN experience but with less noise? You can sit to the south of the hall.

Hall B

Expo and esports as well as the mentioned activities from Hall C will be shifted here. A detailed map containing all expo partners & esports stages will be published closer to the event.

Hall A

Sleeping Hall and activities will make its home here. There will also be LAN seats for the regular BYOC ticket holders who want a quiet area.


Press, Exhibitor, Networking and the new Parent Lounges will be placed here. Want to be at the event with your family but need 5 minutes to chill without your kids? The lounge is there for you! Underneath will be more activities that are currently TBA.

Here is a short FAQ:

Why are you making this change to the BYOC 20+?

We’re working on improving your LAN experience. BYOC 20+ is now located in a larger area and is also much closer to the action.

I'm concerned about the noise levels in the new BYOC 20+ in Hall C?

We expect minimal noise complaints once the entrance doors to Hall C are closed. Security will be posted there to check that everybody is a BYOC 20+ ticket holder. The fanzone was removed from Lobby South (implemented at DreamHack Summer earlier this year) so we expect very little noise from there.

To minimize noise leakage, the pathway between Hall C and D is completely sealed off, with the main stage shifting to the most northern wall in Hall D. We will be closely monitoring the sound levels and adding in extra steps when needed.

Will it be blocked off between Halls C/D?

Yes, there is no access between Hall C & D.

Will there be projectors like before in the 20+ Premium area?

Yes, there will be projectors in the 20+ Premium club room.

If there are any ticketing issues you’d want to address or are really unhappy after already purchasing a ticket, contact support@dreamhack.com

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