DHW18: The Faction Wars Have Begun

DHW18: The Faction Wars Have Begun

NOV 30–DEC 3, 2018 Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden

DHW18: The Faction Wars Have Begun

You’ve been pumping iron for months, training your mind and body ruthlessly to compete in your faction… kidding, but if you did that’s really cool

App that Protects your Faction from Death Lasers at DreamHack Winter 2014 – Photo Credit: Adela Sznajder

There’s a war between our factions. We thought everyone was getting along so well, but turns out that taking down the competition as you dominate each DreamHack event is really important to you guys. But you don’t need to slaughter anyone, you’re armed with phones not swords, god damn it! Achievements Points earned for your faction are the only way to be a hero amongst the ranks of your clan. If you want to get started today, then download the app and sign up!

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There are four factions you can join, but there’s no cutesy sorting hat here. You’ve gotta decide for yourself where you belong… ORDERThe Order: An Organization driven by their convictions. They are the keepers of the light that leads the wayward to the true path of salvation. The Order will show you the one true way and maintain peace. Peace is order, Order is the way.Motto: Peace through Order REVENANTThe Revenant: A group of mercenaries, thieves and assassins. They are the seekers of chaos. They thrive amidst turmoil, aiming to undermine the factions at every turn. Without order, there can only be chaos.Motto: Chaos will Sow Opportunity ABERRANTThe Aberrant: The Aberrant use their superior intelligence and knowledge to further their magical prowess. They are the arcane. Rejecting conventional values, they place knowledge, power, and cunning above all else. Logic dictates their world.Motto: Power Through Intellect SCORNThe Scorn: Nomads, traveling the earth waging war upon the unsuspecting. They are the warmongers, the conquerors. The world is their battleground, and conquest is their purpose. Fighting swings the hammer but war is the fire.Motto: Strength Forged in Fire

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