DJs Steal the Stage on Music Night 1: Darren Styles, Constera, & Altégo

DJs Steal the Stage on Music Night 1: Darren Styles, Constera, & Altégo

NOV 30–DEC 3, 2018 Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden

DJs Steal the Stage on Music Night 1: Darren Styles, Constera, & Altégo

Three DJs, wild lighting, lots of jumping, probably confetti… party time

This year, DreamHack Winter will have music every night of the fest and on Friday we’re bringing you three DJs! Watch live at the festival on the Main Stage or see if you can catch them on our stream from home. Altégo plays at 16:15, Constera comes on at 22:00, and Darren Styles finishes the night at 23:15.

Get hype for @darrenstylesuk, @Consteras, and @DjAltego #DHW18

Darren Styles

Darren Styles has been djing and producing for over 20 years. Inspired by the Rave sound of the early nineties he began his career in 1994. Teaming up with Paul Force, Force & Styles released a string of underground tracks including Pretty Green Eyes and Heart Of Gold which were later re-worked and went on to be huge chart hits with Pretty Green Eyes going in at No. 2 in the UK singles chart and selling over 250,000 copies. Force & Styles were also the first UK Hardcore act to do the Essential mix for Pete Tong on Radio 1.

With Darren’s DJing continuing to take him across the UK, US and worldwide and his producing seeing him work alongside some of the biggest names in UK Hardcore and EDM who knows what else is in store for Darren as he flies the flag for the harder styles of dance music.


Constera’s interest in music started when he was thirteen, when he started playing around in music production software and posting the music on Youtube. After music studies in Sweden, Constera started working as a producer for other artists, as a part of the production collective Grey Noise. The gaming interest was however always present, and Constera started creating songs based on his favorite Twitch streamers. One day, Constera asked his fans what streamer they’d like to see featured next, and the most requested one was the World Of Warcraft streamer Asmongold. The result? “Sup Yall”.


Every time I arrive at DreamHack there is a special feeling that goes straight to my heart. I sense the smell which is the perfect combination between hot computers, food and donuts. I sense the calm yet energetic atmosphere. I sense the love from all the amazing people that reunite at DreamHack, where we create wonderful moments together. It’s truly a place we all come together as a family, where we all can be ourselves, a community filled with love and laughter, a place to call our home.

For this DHW18 I have a special treat for you. Since you’re in the gaming community, you know it’s very important to level up, to take things to the next level, and that is exactly what we are going to do! Instead of finishing the whole party we are going to start the whole party and instead of having some give aways, some fire, some lasers, some flying cakes (I think you can see where I’m going with this) we are going to have LOADS OF EVERYTHING! As I said, this time we are taking things to a whole new level and we are going to start the party straight after the Opening Ceremony of DHW18. DreamHack, I’m coming home!

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