Cosplay Competition Judges


Roman Pivec

“Hi I am TanakhT but you can call me Roman. I cosplay mostly Dota 2 cosplays, you might know me for some of my pieces like Timbersaw, Dragon Knight or Sven. I was lucky enough to win some very cool cosplay contests including The International. I will also be wearing a version of my newest Dota 2 cosplay in Stockholm. Come say hi! Let the best one win.”


Carolin Hanisch

“Hey! My name is Caro, also known as Aonir. I started cosplaying in 2004 but I’ve been quite inactive lately due to work and other hobbies. I’m passionated about esports and I’m running the cosplay contests at ESL One. I have attended a lot of conventions and cosplay contests in Europe on my own & created more than 70 costumes. I can’t wait to meet you all in Stockholm! ♥”


Malin Ivarsson

A DotA player all the way back to the Warcraft 3 mod, I still enjoy playing a lot of video games. I consider myself a well-rounded cosplayer, someone you can talk to about sewing, casting, 3D modelling, props building, etc. Lately I have picked up several prestigious titles in the Northern Europe cosplay scene and am thrilled to meet all the cosplayers at DreamLeague!


You do not have to compete in the competition for ticket eligibility.

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