A Brand new tactical shooter

Coming soon to PC, Due Process will be showcased on our main stage at DreamHack Dallas!


Main Stage


Sat, 1 Jun


3PM – 5PM


A 5V5 Tactical FPS about planning and execution. Levels are procedurally generated: Learn your enemy, not the maps!

You’ve got 2 minutes. Make a plan. The enemy is making one too. Take out the breaker and sweep the target area with night vision? Should you instead get the security shutters open so you can snipe through the windows? Employ powerful strategies to fight on your terms and make victory the only possible outcome.

Predict your opponent. They’re going to go for the breaker, obviously. Deploy barbed wire on the choke-point to make a kill zone. Draw them in and strike their flank so they have no escape. Outsmart your adversary and work with your team to conduct the perfect defense.

Coordinate with your teammates. Stack up and cover the door. Breach with a shotgun, deploy a flashbang, then enter and clear your corners. Teamwork matters in Due Process. A minor mistake maybe your last.

New maps every week. Each setting is a unique tactical challenge: a cramped convenience store requires violent, decisive action, while a cavernous factory requires a methodical cover-and-move approach. Bottom line: that guy with 1000 hours knows just as much about the map as you do and you’ll always have new scenarios to plan for.


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