Esport-Management: a platform for aspiring pro players

Can you imagine a world where every gamer in the world can embark on a path to becoming a competitive gamer? Esport-Management can and they’re on a mission to make it a reality. We are thrilled to have them as a staple for all DreamHack events in 2019.

Esport-Management is a global online platform, offering the tools and knowledge for the next generation of professional gamers, supporting them at all stages of their journey with:

  • Assessment tools
  • Integrated professional training
  • Team management system
  • And more!

Thanks to Esport-Management, 8 players will compete in the LAN finals of ESM’s 1v1 CS:GO tournament. The finals will take place at DreamHack Dallas on June 1-2 at the ESM booth, and will see the top 8 battling it out for great prizes, and a chance to face liptoNNN in a 1v1.

ESM will be an integral part of all DreamHack events in 2019 as a sponsor and a host of booths jam-packed with activities including:

  • Testing your skills against professional players in 1v1s
  • Wheel of Fortune and other challenges
  • Cool prizes
  • A chance to meet and chat to pro players, including players from G2 Esports
  • Hands on experience with the Esport-Management platform: testing out comprehensive tools designed to assess, improve and master your game in a professional environment

If you’re looking for something fun to do while not watching the main tournaments, be sure to stop by the Esport-Management booth! To learn more about the platform, visit the official website, and follow ESM on Twitter and Facebook.

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