Game Jam Winners Make Battle Royale Cute, Creepy, & Funny!

Game Jam Winners Make Battle Royale Cute, Creepy, & Funny!


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Game Jam Winners Make Battle Royale Cute, Creepy, & Funny!

Wow, these devs have some style! 5 winners came out on top and they’ll be showing their builds at the fest

Musical Chairs with Bulldozers and Other Heavy Equipment by andyman404

Was it worth just over a week of grinding on their projects? biting nails? bingeing coffee? suppressing the desire to see the sun? Probably, because these 5 games look fun as hell!

In all, a whopping 64 games were created in this year’s Game Jam—the combined brain-child of DreamHack and Game Jolt. The devs clobbered the genre challenge “Battle Royale” but only 5 of the coolest builds have the honor of being shown at our fest. So, that’s an enormous thanks to everyone who entered and a big congrats to the winners.

Don’t forget when you play these games, you could be holding in your hands the very first pre-pre-alpha concept build of the next PUBG, Fortnite, or completely new take on the genre! Find them all in the Game Jolt DIY Zone (psst! that’s in the Expo) at DreamHack Atlanta.

1st Place Winner

When Life Gives You Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons (WLGYL for short) is about five people who all find themselves on a farm for work. Unbeknownst to them, a lunatic’s science experiment went wrong and animated all of the lemons! And if that wasn’t bad enough, a tornado is headed strait for you! With only enough space in the house for one of you to seek refuge, you must survive the impending battle royale and defeat all of the lemons to secure your spot!

2nd Place Winner

Peyman Ghasemi

I, MY ENEMY is an arcade single player battle royale where your past actions are your enemies!

Do your best to clear the map from any other player and reach the big blue ice-cream in the middle of the map.

In I, MY ENEMY you will confront yourself. every time you survive a round, you’ll be competing with your past self in the next round. So be careful and keep in your mind where you visited the last round!

3rd Place Winner

Labyrinth of the Cerebellum
DualPlay Studios

10 Seconds after this message ends you as well as 19 others contenders will be expected to complete puzzles with in the allotted time else you face one of a multitude of demoralizing deaths to be broadcast for all to see! You will be supplied with a cake between each floor. Happy Trails!

In the deep dark corners of the internet lives a show that puts contestants in a battle of last one standing, Do you have what it takes to make it out alive?

4th Place Winner

School Chaos

Study while dodging water balloons and knock your foes out cold to prevent them from draining you and your study material in water!

You’re late for school…
You forgot to study for the big test today…
There is a war going on at school!.. with water balloons!

Your study material is made out of paper. Paper doesn’t like water.

5th Place Winner

Musical Chairs with Bulldozers and Other Heavy Equipment

This is a carnage-filled demolition derby using construction vehicles, in a crowded junkyard, combined with the classic musical chairs game. Battle against crafty AI contestants for the right to sit your butt down in a chair when the music stops playing.

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