High School Esports are Bigger Than You Think

High School Esports are Bigger Than You Think


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High School Esports are Bigger Than You Think

The stars of esports are young, and they might be getting even younger as schools support the growing sport

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DreamHack teams up with the High School Esports League (HSEL) to bring a new kind of scholastic competition to the Main Stage.

The high school and middle school kids of today are the esports world champions of tomorrow. In an effort to support and nurture their talents, we’re hosting a teen tournament. Our hope is that a win like this under the belt will benefit students’ futures: college, career, and personal success.

Battle lines will be drawn on DreamHack Atlanta’s main stage for DreamHack vs HSEL! Any Fortnite duos aged 13-18 and currently enrolled in high school can sign up to compete in one of three first come, first served qualifiers at the BYOC LAN!

How can I get involved, you ask? Like so…

  • Find the HSEL Booth near the Student Zone or an HSEL admin in the BYOC LAN
  • Sign up for one of three open qualifiers. First come, first served!
    • Friday Qualifier: 1PM–4PM
    • Saturday Qualifier: 10AM–1PM
    • Saturday Qualifier: 1PM–4PM
  • The top duo from each qualifier will duke it out on the Main Stage Sunday at 1PM!
  • Tournament Format: Duo-Squad format, 4 rounds. Most solo eliminations wins the event, with most total eliminations determining the DreamHack vs HSEL team victor.
  • Prizes: DreamHack swag bag for all Main Stage finalists and an MVP title trophy for most eliminations

Requirements to Compete in the BYOC Qualifier:

  • ID that confirms your age (Current High School students 13-18 only)
  • Some proof of enrollment (digital transcript, report card, etc.)

HSEL Main Stage Schedule

  • 1PM–2PM CS:GO Exhibition
  • 2PM–4PM DreamHack vs HSEL Fortnite Final

All main stage competitions will be live-streamed on DreamHack’s Twitch Channel, and include player interviews, highlights from the event, and more!

Can’t make it to Dreamhack? You can still compete remotely for the chance to represent Team HSEL through the Weekend Rivals Fortnite tournament. Click here to sign up!

About the High School Esports League

The High School Esports League (HSEL) is the largest active North American high school gaming competition, building the bridge between gaming and education for over 1200 registered schools across the United States and Canada. Through their competitions and key collegiate partners, HSEL has helped facilitate over $16M in collegiate Esports scholarships.

HSEL partners directly with teachers and administrators at each participating school to support their gaming communities and craft a best-in-class play experience both in and out of the classroom. This includes event support, an online network of teachers and coaches, and the opportunity to integrate gaming into the classroom with a first-of-its-kind gaming health curriculum.

Interested in getting your school involved? Email us at partner@highschoolesportsleague.com.

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