Is it a 3rd Night of EDM? Yup, And the Headliner is Frontliner

Is it a 3rd Night of EDM? Yup, And the Headliner is Frontliner

NOV 30–DEC 3, 2018 Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden

Is it a 3rd Night of EDM? Yup, And the Headliner is Frontliner

It’s our last music announcement and the fest is less than a week away

Sunday night will end the show with… yes, more EDM! Watch live at the festival on the Main Stage. Here’s the full list of DJs and their set times:

Pagan Fury – 21:15
XS Project – 22:00
Frontliner – 23:15
Hard Driver – 00:15

Get hype for @djfrontliner,@HardDriverMusic@PaganFuryBand, and @xsproj #DHW18


Frontliner, also known as “the Melodyman” started producing at age 11. Ten years later releasing the first chapter of what was soon to become a journey through his mind.

His passion and perseverance made him discover a way to combine sublime melodies and intense basslines harmoniously. Always elevating his musical skills as he goes. His discography consists of over 100 tracks including legendary Anthems like “Weekend Warriors” and “Symbols” as well as remixes for Armin van Buuren and Hardwell.

Recently Frontliner released a sample pack with his lifework of bass drums and sound effects legendary EDM artists started to use them in their productions, spreading his unique sound all over the world.

While always enjoying the moment his plans for the future are clear; stealing people’s hearts through music all over the world.

Hard Driver

Ripping into the Hardstyle scene only just a few years ago with a mysterious live act, Hard Driver has shown his worth both in performance as well as in productions. Shortly after his jaw dropping entrance, his first solo album “Point Break” was released, bombarding the scene with unparalleled productions and a clear vision on his specific sound.

Packing an arsenal of fresh tracks, ideas and goals, Hard Driver is a force to be reckoned with, gracing stages Worldwide – jet setting across Europe, Australia, Asia and Canada. Fans have quickly grown to adore this multi talented producer, whose on stage performance is a fury of energetic moves to the beat of fresh, hallucinating hardstyle.

And as for his exclusive live act, each session he transforms his sounds to fit the event, resulting in one of the most musically unique live-acts hardstyle has to offer.

Pagan Fury

Pagan Fury är ett folk-rockband, frontat av den karismatiske Arven Latour. Bandet är stora fans till Crusader Kings-serien och bestämde sig för att försöka få sin musik att bli en del av det officiella soundtracket. De skickade in några av sina låtar och fick gehör hos Paradox.

Den 9 november släppte Pagan Fury sin debut-EP ’Pagan Fury’ genom ett samarbete mellan Paradox Interactive och musikbolaget Woah Dad! Släppet skedde i samband med att Paradox Interactive utannonserat att den legendariska spelseriens nya expansion Holy Fury släpptes den 13 november.

XS Project

XS Project was founded in 2002 by two Russian producers Levon and Andrey who have more than 15 years experience of creating dance music. During this term guys were taking part in many projects with certain success. XS Project is most famous Pumping house and Hard bass project of Russia. Tracks of XS Project are loved by millions fans in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France, UK, Poland, Slovakia, Czech republic, Sweden, Norway, Iceland etc. Some of them were even used in popular comedy shows in Russia and Ukraine. The musicians are creating an impressive live show during their gigs. XS Project producers are favorite guests not only in Russia and also in Spanish, Poland, UK clubs… The producers like to mix styles to get their own style with a unique sound.

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