Making Safety & Security Our Number One Priority

Making Safety & Security Our Number One Priority


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Making Safety & Security Our Number One Priority

Our community is close, we’re like family to one another, and like a family we want to keep everyone safe so we can have fun and just game

Opening the Gates for the BYOC LAN at DreamHack Summer 2018 — Photo Credit: Gabriel Kulig


DreamHack Atlanta security measures have been substantially increased this year including metal detection gates, K9 units, bag/PC checks, and more. While we are not able to disclose all specific security enhancements, if you have questions in addition to what has been addressed below, please feel free to ask us in the DreamHack discord server. We hope the following details will set expectations and help prepare you for going through security as smoothly as possible. While lines will be longer than usual, we feel it is worth the additional effort to ensure everyone’s safety and appreciate your understanding.


We have opted for a type of event security called “full venue lockdown,” This means that we will not allow weapons in the venue, something that is traditionally allowed in Georgia under House Bill 60. By authorizing this lockdown, stringent security measures will be set in place. The extra security screening is in effect 24 hours-a-day for all three festival days and you will need to go through the same screening each time you re-enter the venue.


Check out our FAQ for more information. And give our event rules a good once-over if you are interested in more ways you can plan a safe DreamHack.


Event Rules

What security measures have been added?

Both the Omni and South entrance (the entrances used last year for returning visitors) and the East lobby connector (used for BYOC LAN street access last year) will be outfitted with Metal detection gates, K9 units, bag, and PC checks.

I am a BYOC LAN Visitor, what effect does this have on me?

Full Lockdown security measures require us to check for weapons in your bag and PC. Due to the heightened security measures there will not be a special BYOC LAN load-in entrance in the morning hours like the previous Atlanta show. BYOC LAN load-in will only be possible through the main entrance. To aid you during load-in, we will be placing a BYOC LAN and BYOC LAN Express check-in upstairs, as close to the elevators as possible. This way, you will be able to check in and take the elevators downstairs directly to the show floor.

Tables will be set up next to every security gate where bag checks and PC checks will be conducted with the police, security guards, and our wardens.

I am an Event Pass Visitor, what effect does this have on me?

You will be going through the same security screening as any other visitor. You can significantly reduce your impact on the screening process by not bringing a bag. If you do bring a bag or backpack, bring one that is easily checkable by security as this will also greatly reduce the time spent in the screening process.

Shower Trucks

The shower trucks for overnight visitors will be guarded with police presence and will also have screenings present. This means, when you head for the shower trucks, you can exit, but you will have to be screened upon return to ensure no prohibited items make it back on venue premises.

Registration Check-in and Security Screening

The security screening is located on the street level entrance floor and will need to be passed prior to check-in. Once you pass the security screening area, please keep an eye out for the Premium, Express, and Regular check-in lines to obtain your badge. At the entrance to the show floor, your wristband and/or badge will be checked. Some meeting rooms will also have credential checks. Please be mindful of this and do not lose your wristband or badge.

Do I need my ticket for the security screening?

You do not, the security screening is only there to ensure that no weapons or other prohibited items (listed in our FAQ) are found on you, and to ensure a safe environment for our visitors. After the screening area, you can head to the check-in desks on the 3rd floor to show your ticket and receive your wristband or badge. Be sure to follow the proper signage for Premium or Express check-in once you have passed the security screening.

Lines are to be Expected at Peak Hours

We will do our best to update you about any matters on our discord server . Should there be excessive wait times, we will let you know so you can adjust your arrival time accordingly. We will constantly monitor and adjust our security schedule in an effort to keep the lines as short as possible.

Be vigilant and report any suspicious activity

We strive to keep DreamHack a safe event and thus would also like to ask you to be vigilant. Report any suspicious activity. We suggest that you report any such activity to one of our staff members on our discord in a direct message or speak directly to a police officer, security guard, or crew members in purple shirts on-site. Even if you have no suspicious activity to report we welcome any questions or remarks regarding security at any time of the day.

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