Day one recap

Day one of the CORSAIR DreamHack Masters Dallas started off with four BO1s and two BO3s in both groups.

North bested Vitality in a close game on the A Stream to start off the event while Liquid beat Lucid Dream with relative ease over on the B Stream. FaZe beat Windigo in their match on Dust 2 and NiP, who were using Pita instead of Dennis, beat TyLoo on the same map.

G2 eventually beat Renegades in overtime while ENCE outclassed Isurus at the same time. FURIA upset NRG in the last set of BO1s and Fnatic beat Cloud9 before we headed into the BO3s.

Liquid were due to face North and after beating North on their map, Nuke, they moved on to Mirage which for a long time looked like North’s chance to get back into the series. In the end it was Liquid who survived the attack and beat North 2-0.

Team Vitality had to face Lucid Dream at the same and ended up beating them with ease in a convincing 2-0 scoreline over on the B Stream. Lucid Dream end up in last with this result and walk away with a new experience at a big tournament as their consolation.

Windigo then faced TyLoo. Windigo who have been using Calyx as a stand-in for the event were far from the favourites, but upset TyLoo, who missed their coach, quite comfortably with a 2-0 scoreline due to strong individual performances from the Bulgarian squad. TyLoo are sent home and will have to regroup and get ready for the next set of tournaments.

In the last game of the day FaZe defeated NiP in a strong 2-0 performance. This was anything, but a surprise as NiP were fielding Pita. FaZe joined Liquid in the group of teams who are now in the playoffs.


From the second day onwards we’ll only have BO3s. Isurus and Renegades will face each other on the B stream at 12pm CDT while NRG will face Cloud9 at the same time on the A stream. The next two games are between Vitality and NiP and ENCE and G2. The day will be closed off with Furia vs Fnatic and North vs Windigo. So get settled, because we got a whole bunch of CS for everyone!

We’ve got you covered with VODs


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