Day two recap

The second day of the CORSAIR DreamHack Masters Dallas was all about BO3s! The brackets were as exciting as you would have imagined.

The day started off with NRG battling their American rivals Cloud9. The predictions of the analysts made it evident that NRG was the favourite of the two, but Cloud9 secured the first map. The second map was a decent battle, but NRG won it and made quick work of the former major winner autimatic on Dust 2 taking home the win 2-1.

At the same Renegades clashed with Isurus. Surprisingly the Argentinians won the first map, but Renegades bounced back on the next two maps completely dominating Isurus. They took the series home 2-1 and are set to continue their battle on the third day.

Next we had Vitality battling the handicapped Ninjas in Pyjamas who still had to play with Pita instead of Dennis. Vitality made quick work of the Swedes on the first map and after going all the way to thirty rounds on the second map they ended up surviving the clash.

At the same time major finalists ENCE faced off against G2 in a close game that went back and forth. ENCE ended up utterly dominating the French squad on the third map, Nuke and advanced to the next round in the upper bracket.

The last games of the day were between North and Windigo on the B stream and Fnatic faced off against the dark horse Furia. North seemed to be cruising towards an easy 2-0 victory after stomping Windigo on the first map, but had to wait with celebrating their win on the second map which went all the way to a third overtime.

Furia completed a great upset over Fnatic by beating them 2-0 with their aggressive playstyle. They have secured a spot in the playoffs and can even go straight to the semi-finals if they win their game in the next round of the upper bracket.


Day 3 of the CORSAIR DreamHack Masters Dallas is going to be even more exciting as the best of the best are going to battle it out once more to decide who makes it straight to the semifinals and who goes to the playoffs at all, make sure you are there!

We’ve got you covered with VODs


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