Day four recap

Snaking lines were forming outside the arena doors yesterday before they eventually opened to kick off with an opening ceremony! Day four was centred around two quarterfinals and Furia were up against Vitality while FaZe had to battle it out with G2.

Quarter final #1

Furia and Vitality were up first and going into the match most people expected Vitality to be the victor in their game.

This was however not the case the aggressive and innovative playstyle that the Brazilians have been showcasing this entire tournament proved to be too much as Furia beat the French 2-0.

They will now face an even bigger hurdle in Liquid, but something tells us they are excited to prove themselves once again. It surely seems like the match between these two will be very interesting.

Quarter final #2

After the first teams left the stage and everyone was able to get their snacks and drinks in the break which followed we welcome FaZe and G2 on stage. FaZe seemed to be heading to an easy 2-0 victory as they won with relative ease on Inferno. What followed was a true spectacle on Dust 2. The game quickly reached overtime and while G2 never reached map point in said overtimes it was still an amazing back and forth between legends of both teams rolling back the years.

Shox, KennyS, Olofmeister and Guardian in particular played just like they used to in their prime. The game eventually reached a third overtime in which FaZe was finally able to close it out and take home the victory 2-0.


FaZe is due to face off against ENCE today. It doesn’t look like it will be EZ for ENCE as FaZe have been looking very solid with the addition of Neo and there is no doubt that we will once again witness some amazing CS! Make sure you are there to see which teams reach the Grand Final!

WATCH opening ceremony of the arena


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