Day five recap

Day 5 of the CORSAIR DreamHack Masters Dallas was THE day to set up the Grand Final. Two semi finals were on the schedule and they were indisputably exciting games!

Semi final 1

Team Liquid took on the rising team from Brazil, Furia. On paper it seemed like a tough match for any team. Furia’s ruthless aggressive playstyle had already proven to be too much for NRG, Fnatic and Vitality. Liquid must have taken notes as they were perfectly able to counter the aggression by being just as, if not even more, aggressive in the game.

While Nuke was a close game that eventually was decided by amazing individual performances, in particular EliGE, the second map proved to be much less of a contest. Liquid took care of Furia on Overpass and moved on to the Grand Final.

semi final #2

Who they had to face in the Grand Final was still a question — ENCE battled it out with FaZe. ENCE has been looking great for the last few months and seem to continuously improve while FaZe just started off with their newly formed roster which includes Polish legend Neo.

The game was a banger on paper and indeed also a banger on stream. FaZe looked dominant on Dust. After they had a 14-6 lead they however lost the map as ENCE came back and won the first map in overtime. The second map was a real back and forth, but the Finns showed real mental fortitude as they won 16-13 on Train and got their spot in the Grand Final.

the grand final to rule them all

So the Grand Final we have on our hands is the best possible storyline we could wish for. Liquid who have proven time and time again to be the number two team in the world are going to fight for yet another trophy, that also counts for the Intel Grand Slam, against ENCE, the runner up in the major and number three team in the world.

Will it be #EZ4ENCE or should we be cheering #LetsGoLiquid? It’s for you to decide, but one thing is for sure, you don’t want to miss this match!

WATCH vods here


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