Grand Final recap

The final day of the CORSAIR DreamHack Masters Dallas was about just one match, the Grand Final. The number two team in the world, Team Liquid, were facing the number three team in the world, ENCE.

the build up

The Americans who had been tormented by second place finishes in the past were now looking for another point towards the Intel Grand Slam after they won IEM Sydney earlier this year. At the same time ENCE who have been playing very solid ever since that incredible run at the major were looking for not only a big win, but also their first point in the Intel Grand Slam run.

the game

The teams faced off on Mirage, Overpass and Inferno. Liquid were off to a great start in the series by taking Mirage, ENCE’s pick, 16-8. As the casters and analysts eluded to it looked like it was destined to be a 2-0 victory for the American squad.

Overpass, the map that Liquid had picked was back and forth. Eventually though Liquid did reach championship point on 15-14. The Finns however were resilient as ever and not only took the game to overtime, but grabbed the map win 19-17 pushing Liquid to a third map.

The final map, Inferno, once again seemed to be going one way as Liquid went up 10-1. ENCE yet again wouldn’t just bend over and lose, they fought back and pushed Liquid to the absolute limits. They Americans however were able to finally close it out and took the map and trophy by winning 16-13. They lifted the trophy moments later and will all receive a championship ring made and fit to size by Baron Rings.

After the dust has settled

With this win Liquid claim the number one spot on the world rankings pushing Astralis down after being up there for more than a year. ENCE did the same thing and pushed Astralis down even more by rising up to the second place previously occupied by their opponents.

Now that Liquid has won another point in the Intel Grand Slam and claimed the number one position on the ranking they can possibly create an era of their own. ENCE are dangerous as ever as they seemingly keep improving. The future looks bright for both teams and they helped make the CORSAIR DreamHack Masters Dallas the spectacle of CS it was.

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