Talent and Matchups

Nordic Championship Spring 2019 kicks off soon and we can’t wait to tune in to some League of Legends action! Last time Team Atlantis took home the trophy and advanced to the European Masters tournament! Who do you think will take home the trophy for this season? The tightest tournament ever has arrived with the best teams from each region and for the first time ever, the Icelandic representatives joins the fight.

This season we are yet again joined by Sang Lee and Henning Eklund at the caster desk. They will bring us all the action from the Summoners Rift this season, and we truly do have some amazing matches in store for those watching at home.


The broadcasted matches are as follows:

19-February-2019, 19:00, NYYRIKKI White vs Riptide
19-February-2019, 21:00*, Fortress vs Celestial

21-February-2019, 19:00, Placeholder123 vs Ostersunds FK Esport
21-February-2019, 21:00*, Nordavind vs Ventus Esports

22-February-2019, 19:00, NYYRIKKI White vs The Final Tribe
22-February-2019, 21:00*, Riptide vs Fotress

24-February-2019, Played offstream

26-February-2019. 19:00, Nordavind vs Ostersunds FK Esport
26-February-2019, 21:00*, Ventus Esports vs The Final Tripe

28-February-2019, 19:00, TBD vs TBD
28-February-2019, 21:00*, TBD vs TBD

10-March-2019, 14:00, TBD vs TBD


*All 2nd matches in each broadcast day will be started on an accelerated schedule, meaning it will begin as soon as the 1st match ends.


Don’t want to miss out on off-stream results? Check out the full match-schedule for the entire season here: https://challonge.com/NC19Spring

Ruleset: [DreamHack] Nordic Championship Spring 2019 Ruleset

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