Shortening DreamHack Summer (note that the last day was never a full day) will allow us to compress activities and ensure that you will have an array of experiences for all event days. We were unhappy with our final day being empty and unexciting, and therefore decided to channel the entirety of our focus into the three festival days.

Many of our partners would like us to shorten the expo opening hours to ensure they can align and compress their content for the expo visitors. We agree here and feel that giving you these hours offer you a richer experience with more action packed into a shorter time frame. And for those that want to continue into the night, our live music performances will generally ramp up from 20:00 till late. So once you pop out of the expo you can head straight to the party or any of the other activities that run late.
DreamHack Winter 2019 will also be adjusted to fit the new format.

Aside from boosting our content offering and internally spending more resources on items such as Cosplay, Artists, Open Air, Expo and Stream Studio, one of our more profound changes is that we are gradually increasing the quality of life for our BYOC. Some of our loyal visitors are afraid that we are removing BYOC in favor of other festival components but we want to assure you that is not going to happen. LAN is in our DNA and we will be making more improvements the coming years, such as evaluating the space per seat, where other activities are located, and further enhancing the 20+ offering.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming festivals where we’re cultivating more activities and focusing on our activity zones! Be sure to check out our Activities Page for details about the new events we’re bringing to the show.

❤  From the DreamHack Team

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